Public transport abbreviations and TLAs

Abbreviations in New Zealand public transport, according to OverThere
This is a list of abbreviations that you might see in information about public transport in New Zealand.

Another useful list of definitions of phrases used in transport planning is available here on the NZTA website.

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Abbreviation Meaning
AMETIAuckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative is a group of projects that will give residents of South Eastern suburbs improved transport choices.
ARTAAuckland Regional Transport Authority.
Controlled by the Auckland Regional Council (ARC), this was the coordinating agency for transport in the Auckland Region of New Zealand between 2004 and 2010. It provided public transport services, assigned funding and subsidies, and advised on region-wide transport. It was replaced by Auckland Transport.
ATAuckland Transport - the government body responsible for transport in the Auckland region, except for state-highways. (In other regions, the regional council is responsible for transport.)
CRLCity Rail Link. A project to extend the train services in inner city Auckland. Read more about it here.
HOPA public transport smart-card, initially used in Auckland.
MOTThe Ministry of Transport. See Who is Responsible for Public Transport in New Zealand for details about their role.
NZTANew Zealand Transport Authority. See Who is Responsible for Public Transport in New Zealand for details about their role.
PTUAPublic Transport Users Association - an Auckland-based public transport lobby group. http://ptua.org.nz/
PTPublic transport (know as public tranzit in some countries). People have different ideas about what actually counts as public transport and what doesn't. The definition used on this website is "any transport using equipment that you don't own" - see What is public transport anyway? for more about this. 
PTOMPublic Transport Operating Model - see See Who is Responsible for Public Transport in New Zealand for more information about it.
RoNSRoads of National Significance
SMARTSouthwest Multimodal Airport Rail Transit. A project to improve public transport to and from Auckland Airport - and also for the people who live and work in the area around the airport.
TFUGTransport for Future Urban Growth. A 2016 project, about the transport networks that may be needed over the next 30 years in the Auckland area.